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*Source: Enterprise Asset Management Global Market Research Study, ARC Advisory Group,2015

ELAZUR, your asset management partner !

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0% to +20%
 Equipment availaibility

0% to 5%
Investments decrease increasing equipment lifetime

0% to 10%
Maintenance costs

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A dedicated and integrated solution

Maintain and overhaul your assets is crutial. In addition to an incessing service demand, it is also to maintain them at the right time and to extend their lifetime along their lifecycle. This is what is called asset management.
Over the time, we develop an expertise in asset management for public transport and utilities.
It is this experience qnd knowledge that enbles us to deploy pre-configured processes, workflow and models to get a reactive answer to your needs.Furthermore, we will sit with you before your project through a consulting solution afterwards with a digital academy, in order to spread best practices to all your collaborators.
So that we can work at any step of your asset lifecycle : live overview, digital maintenance and diagnostic, any maintnance (reactive, preventative, condition based...). All of this with a complete, modular and personalized solution dedicated to you.

Technology Plateform

Provided as an hosted Software as a Service, we integrate comprehensive and modern software solutions dedicated to asset management. These solutions are provided by market leaders in the domain.

Maintenance management :
manage equipements, work orders, procurement, finance... A full Entreprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, ISO 55000 compliant, to manage physical assets of an organization.
Mobility : is an integrated set of processes that an institution uses to optimize the productivity of its employees on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels. Manage company's resources employed at or en route to the property of clients or remote work sites, either at company property.
Predictive and prescriptive maintenance : encompasses the capabilities of data capture, integration, visualization and analytics tied together for the explicit purpose of improving the reliability and availability of physical assets. This includes the concepts of condition monitoring, predictive forecasting and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) powered by analytics, big data and AI solutions.
Network Management
: a complete and powerful SCADA to supervise your assets in real time.

The Team


He makes ELAZUR journey always going forward !

FlorianBusiness Analyst
FlorianBusiness Analyst

Since early days, Florian is part of ELAZUR.
His knowledges about maintenance and public transport makes Florian the perfect interface between you and our technical team.

GaëlleCommercial Director
GaëlleCommercial Director

Gaëlle is your first contact if you get in touch with ELAZUR.
She will always be there to understand your needs and sit with you wherever you go.

Our technical team
Our technical team is here to develop your requirements.
Wherever there is a computer, there is no secret for them.

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